Welcome to The Healing Room in Broad Ripple!

My name is Amy Barr and I started The Healing Room in 2008 with the intention to help people heal from the inside out.  After working in the stress filled environment and fast-paced field of television in Washington DC for several years, I found myself dealing with stress related symptoms which modern medicine was not able to remedy. I turned to the 4000 year old Chinese healing technique of Qigong (chee-gung) which in less than three months of everyday practice I felt back to normal.  I realized through learning about the meridians (channels of energy) that I had stuck Qi which had accumulated in my body due to stress.  I attribute learning the subtle art of Qigong which deals with visualization, movement, and breathwork to my wellness then and now. Whenever I get stressed it is the first place I go and now can quickly and easily get back into balance.

We are constantly being bombarded with stressful situations.  Many people are also quite empathic and unknowingly take on the stress of others.  I have always been empathic but didn't know it is something that can cause energy imbalances if not dealt with properly.  When I learned to ground myself and also let go of any energy I had taken on during the day I felt relief I'd only dreamt of.  I became so excited about the new techniques I was learning to deal with my stress that I became passionate about helping others as well.  

I ended up moving back to Indiana (my home state) from Washington DC and immediately entered into Massage Therapy and Reflexology school. From there I met those who introduced me to Reiki, another ancient energy healing technique.  Once I tuned into the energy of others without holding onto it I was able to take it a step further and develop my intuition. Today I offer these wonderful techniques to look deeply into our subtle energy and karmic patterns while allowing intuitive information to flow.  As this happens I work with my clients to release old patterns and stuck energy allowing their true Being to shine.  

Our authentic self is always in balance however when we take on the stress we have been served by the people around us, the media, etc. we step away from our authentic self.  It if often times hard to find our way back without being armed with the information that will help us heal from the inside out.  

It is my mission to share all of the knowledge which helped me find my authentic self again.  



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